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We are a modern agency and a close-knit team. We want our brands to be heard and take into consideration. We focus on their goals with open-mindedness and creativity.
Our specialty is that we don’t only work with big companies, we also focus and the small ones and the start-ups.
Because all brands matter. We focus on talking about Brand Identity Reputation 


Creativity and innovation. We are a team full of imagination and originality. We do our best to constantly reinvent ourselves by proposing an adapted and unique content.
Open mindness: We are open to any innovative ideas. We want you (our potential future clients to develop yourself with today’s new communications tools.

Reactivity represents us well because we are a dynamic team who knows how to work together. We think it’s important to listen to each other to be efficient in our work. We’ll always be available for you !

missions  OUR MISSIONS

There are about handling the brand identities of our clients in the lifestyle and trendy area. We want to help you improve your image and help you progress.

On velvetagency.com we inform you about our brand’s current events, new trends. It allows to know more about them and accompany them on a creative strategy.

Our job is you to be the best of yourself


At Velvet Agency we want to see how actuals brands in the food and cosmetics sector, that we have chosen, are building their reputations and their communications.
They are more and more on the market each day, so how do they differentiate themselves?
It’s what we want to analyze and show to everyone.

Attract people is what we want, especially those that are frequently using social media and interested in what we talk on our website.

We created Velvet Agency as a young, fresh and trendy company.


We are a website totally different from our competitors because we have chosen to analyze, focus on only two topics: food and cosmetic brands.
We are not a website with shallow content because we approach our subjects seriously with a real useful content but we try to have a young and fresh way of approaching things We analyze brands seriously and so we write our articles in a particular way. It can interest young people who want to learn more about brands that they use every day but also people who just want to learn more about brands, like the way they communicate.

We approach brands that we have chosen in a new way (young and seriously at the same time) and because we give the same interest to big and little companies.
We go further in our strategy and analyze.
We always seek for new trends and innovative content.

On the topic chosen, Velvet Agency is a website where articles are published monthly and we want to publish them weekly in the future.
Each redactor of Velvet Agency took 2 brands: one in cosmetic and one in food,
we wrote two articles, one concerning a food brand and one concerning a cosmetic brand.
And we analyze the reputation/communication of them, sometimes with different approaches.


Cosmetic and food brands. Not especially big ones (all of them are interesting).
Brands who would like to work with us because we have fresh ideas with new ways of approaching.
we are young students in communication/publicity so we have a different knowledge on brands, and it can be very interesting for them to hear our visions.

Our target should visit our website because our articles are written in a modern way but with a real serious content.
So, everyone is susceptible to learn from them.

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