Morphe Brushes : smart way of increasing their brand identity reputation

How influencers are increasing morphe’s brand identity reputation

What is Morphe brushes? It’s a new American cosmetic brand who has been given attention by people since a few months.

First of all this brand is kind of a mystery we don’t know much about it, like who created it and when… they are very discreet but have succeeded into doing a good communication by using influencers and mostly beauty vloggers on youtube.

What is very important to know is that their price compared to expensive makeup brands is quite cheap but in a good way. It’s affordable and very good quality. A lot of good reviews have been made about this brand.

A palette of eyeshadows is 23 dollars which is very cheap for makeup !!

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But how do they manage to have so much popularity?

Because they don’t have any publicity and advertisements apart from their collaboration with youtubers.

That’s why very interesting with this brand and with many new brands nowadays. They only need social media and influencers to become famous and sell lots of their products.

What we can see is that a lot of beauty vloggers did some reviews about their makeup and that’s how they became famous. We can understand that Morphe Brushes contacted these YouTubers by shipping them some products so they could try them for free and in exchange, they would do a review about it. It’s very common in the youtube sphere to do that

maxresdefault Morphe fall pallet review and swatches morphe2

Also on Instagram a lot of influencers are highlighting this brand by doing their promotion.

Youtubers and influencers are trusted by people and it influences them to buy these products

Jaclyn Hill

What’s more is that they succeeded in reaching a very famous beauty vlogger called Jaclyn Hill she has more than 9 million youtube followers which is huge! And they made a collaboration where she did her own palette for them. With her name on the palette and with her own shades that she selected. After that, she did a big campaign on youtube and Instagram by promoting her palette and so it propelled the brand. This palette was available on June 21. What’s interesting is that in the beginning, they told everyone that it would be a limited palette so people had to get it quickly. Indeed it was a very smart way of making people buy it. But after that they released it again and people are free to buy it at any time. It’s not limited anymore.



But by making people think that they wouldn’t get the chance to buy it anymore if they didn’t hurry, it made them eager to buy it.  And so their strategy worked very well. Jaclyn Hill is kind of the egery of this brand. And by having 9 million of followers Morphe Brushes knows that their brand will be successful and that it will sell.

Morphe Brushes knows that they don’t need to invest in a huge advertising campaign. They have influencers who are doing their advertisements on social media.


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