Avene : a 0% brand

Avene is a french brand based on thermal product which are very appreciate by people.

This brand sell make up, cream and all beauty products in pharmacies or specific shops like natural shops. These products are well known by people with skin problems. But also by people who wants to recover their skin with products totally natural with 0% bad ingredients in it.  It is on that criteria that the trademark.

The brand is one of the leader of the pharmacy beauty products market. For years Avene has developped their products in different categories to target each skin problem of each one (acne, sensitivity,wrinkles …). The consumer can easily recognize what they need because each product mark one aspect. There isn’t much explications which describes all the active substances, which lie to us most of the time.

Moreover, the packaging is really simple and give a pure identity of the brand and so trust the buyer.
Avene seduces many people not only because it is a brand of cosmetics neutral but also because it applies to both women and men unlike many other very feminine brands but also because these products can be applied to all the family, even a baby.

Furthermore, more and more people likes natural product and bio products whether they are food, clothing or cosmetics and Avene is one of the emblematic brand which is envied by this community.


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