Fenty Beauty : Finally some diversity in the cosmetic area

Fenty beauty by Rihanna

How she build up her brand identity reputation

Well, the well-known singer Rihanna has made a step forward into the professional world! By developing her own makeup collection called Fenty Beauty. Everybody is talking about it. It is sold at Sephora.

As a digital manager, I can tell you how much social media has been a huge springboard for the brand. Her promotional video has been seen by millions of people. Indeed she really promotes diversity by putting girls of all ethnicities. From white to really dark skin, no one is left apart ! The Image of the brand is really all about open-mindedness. We finally have a cosmetic brand who has a lots of choice in their foundations colors. It is true that there are a lots of brand who only have light colors. With Fenty beauty, girls will be able to find exactly their skin color foundation.

Such amazing new makeup !
Such amazing new makeup!

Even though it has just started and that the brand is relatively new, it already has an important reputation, because the marketing behind has been done months before the release. With an advertisement released on social media who had a powerful and empowering message.

Rihanna already have an important reputation which is known to be engaged, so the brand continues her idea of open mindedness and to be open to everyone. Maybe for the first time, we have a cosmetic brand who includes all types of skin colors.

This brand was only released a week ago, but it is already huge, everybody is talking about it on social media, she really started something.

You can check the collection here : Rihanna Fenty Beauty 

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