“L’Occitane” : beauty from the south of France

L’occitane en Provence and their brand identity reputation


beauty from the south

Beauty from the south.“L’occitane en Provence” is a beauty brand that sells French beauty products. Especially, products from the south of France. There are popular because of their contents (naturals products like many essentials oils etc.), but also of the image they have, very genuine and natural.

The brand, have chosen colors that remind the south of France to people. For example, different types of yellow, orange and a simple font.

There are simple in their advertising (not a lot of publicity). Indeed, they have chosen to put just a woman in a really natural background, in the south of France.


The particularity of “L’occitane en Provence” is the decoration of their stores. Indeed, there are atypical, they made a real “South of France” atmosphere. So, obviously, we feel very good inside and want to stay longer. Products have also a pretty and genuine design, packaging (with flowers, hot colors and fresh smell).

Beauty products

beauty from the south

On the other hand, us, Velvet Agency, we have the chance to work with this beautiful brand, and we want to keep this genuine image of “L’occitane en Provence” in all the people’s mind. We have chosen to base all their communication on the fact that their products are French, of good quality and mostly, from the south of France. We want to make this beauty brand, a reference in terms of “French Beauty Product” and so play a lot on the “French” advantage they have.

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