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MAC Cosmetics and their brand identity reputation


How does MAC work its brand identity reputationMAC, which means Make-up Art Cosmetics, represent the luxury and quality side of makeup and beauty. This is why we choose to use a super simple image for the brand. Indeed it shows that the brand has nothing else to prove but the quality of his product.

Overall because of its international image, thank to the many stars who represented MAC (like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga), the simple but chic and sophisticated look is completely appropriated.

The brand identity :

The brand identity of MAC is open mind, quality, and diversity. Like, its slogan represents it well: «for all ages, all races, all sexes». It can reach many persons with different cultures, educations, and origins.
Mac is really appreciated by the show-business world, thanks to this it became know. A large part of its communication is based on this, many makeup artists use it for the biggest fashion show and the most famous beauty Youtubers make the promotion of the product without it being asked by the brand. And this video in question is seeing by millions of people. It helps!

MAC Lipsticks

To keep this reputation and being better known, MAC creates limited edition based on fancy themes: like Barbie, Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe or Wonder Woman. A diversity of different and beautiful woman again. There’s one for everyone’s taste.

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