Le Pain Quotidien : healthy all the way


Le Pain Quotidien

Pain quotidien is an healthy Bakery/restaurant chain, It was founded in 1990 in Belgium

Nowadays Le pain quotidien is located in the United states, England, France… 18 countries in total have a Le pain quotidien restaurant. The United states is the country who has the most Le pain quotidien’s restaurant ( 90 restaurants in total )

This chain is increasingly growing in notoriety

The reputation of Le pain Quotidien lives in the fact that they propose you to have an healthy lunch/dinner. Eating there is a way of being healthy and also to eat organic. You have the feeling that you are not eating junk food but actually food that are good for you.

Le pain quotidien really follows the trend of healthy food. What is interesting with this brand is that it’s not only a restaurant but also a Bakery.  You can buy actual bread which by the way is also organic!  Le Pain quotidien wants to be a place of conviviality, a bit like a coffee shop where you can stay as long as you want but with high quality food.

Pain Quotidien is a bit more well received in the united states. Maybe because as everybody know this country is known to love junk food. nowadays the USA has lots of healthy restaurant but back when Le pain Quotidien was installed there in 1997, healthy food wasn’t that trendy. So Le Pain quotidien was a open door to good food and healthy food.

It’s interesting to see that this concept is quite unique, even though there are plenty of healthy restaurants this one, is one of the first concept to bring coffee shop and healthy food at an acceptable price. and that’s why it’s working well and that people are going there.


A typical idea of what we can eat there
A typical idea of what we can eat there

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