Prêt à manger : healthy eating in a fast food

PRÊT À MANGER’s brand identity reputation

Prêt à manger is a British fast food concept that includes fast food services but distributes healthy food.

It’s really nice to work with this brand because it includes dealing with some different aspects that in consumers mind is not obvious. Fast food is often compared to junk food, oily etc like Mc Donald or Burger King.

Prêt à manger wanted to impose on the fast food market with healthy values, almost veggie its sandwiches and salads. They showed a sustainable development side with bio food, paper packaging, and a clean design that today can influence consumers to choose their brand than the other.


Nowadays, a real ecologic minded appear since few years and this goes through the feeding also. Actually, we can observe a real fashion to eat healthily that appears more and more.  Healthy or veggie restaurants open every day because a real community has been created. Behind this stock in trade and they used social media for sharing pictures of their plates and meal. So, the brand uses often social media to stay connected with it, consumers. It appears like a young and fresh brand.

Prêt à manger has become widely imposed in a range that it is almost the only one to offer this kind of fast food with this price.

It became an international brand with its values and ethics and it is not the end of it success story.

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