EXKi : Healthy food, resonnable prices, quick services !

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This healthy fastfood, more called a neo-restaurant, was founded in 1999 by three friends Frédéric Rouvez, Nicolas Steisel and Arnaud de Meeûs. The first restaurant opened in Bruxelles the september 9th 2001.

Since its foundation, Exki never stopped to grow and to innovate in the development and the values of the brand.
In addition to be cool and trendy, it is an unusual concept in the fastfood restauration. What to ask more when you know that you can eat good and fresh products whenever you want during the day and at a really good price?

EXKi what is it?

When you think about the brand EXKi as a client, comes to you in mind Food, Organic, Green, Nature, Veggies, Healthy, Authentic and maybe more.

It cooks healthy and tasty meals. Furthermore they have nature-themed restaurants for people looking for a balanced diet and fast service.

Their missions are the respect for health, for quality, for others and also for the environment.
Products, places and promotions are all in cohesion in the nature and healthy principles :
– Products are seasonal and local ingridents, they are organic and they are in Eco-friendly pakaging.
– Restaurants are made with natural materials and recycled decorations.
– The brand do actions linked to environment-related events, solidarity actions and public relation.

With more than 85 restaurants in 5 different countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands) Exki finally found the good concept. They suggest healthy food at a resonnable price and in an efficient way.

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