Brand Identity Reputation ; PNY the American feeling in Paris

PARIS NEW YORK ( PNY ) : the excellence of a burger


PNY is first of all a burger restaurant. But it’s not a random burger that you can eat there, it’s a burger made with passion, love and especially rigorously.

Created in 2011, the three PNY restaurants are opened 7/7 days. If you want quality burgers, that’s the place you need to go.

The better quality for a better taste


Their meat comes from one of the best butchers of France, supplying the best tables and the most big Chefs.  The recipe of their bun was realized by “the” professor in bakery which took away on 5 occasions the competition of the best bun of France and which Their cheddar cheese comes from a small producer, a lover of its cows and working 7 days a week under the wet weather of the North of Scotland. Finally, their French fries are housemade and we propose some real coffee. And the whole for 15€, which is the usual price noticed for a hamburger in brasserie.

As you can see, their products are carefully and meticulously choose to create the best Burger of Paris. Without chemical products , their burgers are made instantly when it is ordered, so it is not prepared before and recooked after it.


They explored the american culture of burgers so they can recreate this sensation that is rare to feel in Paris. They want that the client have a new and original experience that they will want to recreate after. That is why PNY are making the best effort to offer the best they can offer in terms of ambiance, quality, taste, healthy and affordable prices.

Furthermore, PNY serves their customers in a space which they want sophisticated: they work with a Hermes graphic designer, Gabrielle Fritsch. Their inspirations – a restaurant with a soul.


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