Brand Identity Reputation ; Bagelstein- a funny and frenchy bagel.

Logo Bagelstein

A style very American, fresh products, an offbeat and humorous communication: that’s what makes the success of Bagelstein a bagel brand from Strasbourg.

The origins

Launched three years ago, these bagels are all the rage. Indeed, nearly 40 points of sale in 2014, thirty others this year, including abroad. Its founders ? Thierry Veil and Gilles Abecassis. In 2010, the first convinces a Brooklyn baker to unveil his recipe, which he adapts in a French way.

This bagel and its fresh ingredients are a part of an innovative marketing concept, based on an offbeat humor like Michel and Augustin. And that starts with the offer of employment, it’s write : “Endless hours, ridiculous pay, no benefits, bac + 7 required …”. This humour also animates the decoration of the shops and and that pleases a lot. Indeed, it create a buzz on the social networks.

another approach of food and marketing

The founders belong to this generation of entrepreneurs, often from the « grandes écoles », and not from the restoration industry, who have a different approach of food, marketing and communication. This is the case of Thierry Veil, a graduate of ESCP Europe, and Gilles Abecassis, of the British Institute of the Sorbonne. Bagelstein is playing well with its humour and vintage style and that’s works. It became one of the most popular chain of fast-food in France.


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