Frichti : automatically healthy

Healthy delivery 

What if you want to be on a diet but you only have junk food at home ? And all the supermarket are closed? Frichti is the perfect solution to this problem.


It is a French start-up created in 2015. They deliver fresh/healthy food at home or at the office. But it’s not a simply food deliver like we all know/have today (allo resto, deliveroo etc.) It’s a revolution!

Frichti is based on the fact that all their products are fresh and cooked by their own cookers. So, they played on the fact that they offer a totally personal food. Plus, they only propose healthy food (vegetables, fruits etc.). It’s thanks to those two points that they differentiate from all their competitors on the market. For the rest, they are approximatively similar from them because they deliver food rapidly (30 minutes), in Paris and approximatively in all the Parisian suburbs. Plus, they have a website (of course) and an application, where we can see menus and so command food.

Good at food and communication


Moreover, they are very smart on the way they communicate. Actually, on their website and their application they use real pictures of their dishes and put natural colors to make us remember their concept. Otherwise, when you first command on their platform, like many delivery food do, you have a promotion code to pay less. And so to encourage you to command again and again. But Frichti is a smart start-up because they are in partnership with many “natural” brands, who like the frichti’s concept. And, those ones, when you first command on the Frichti’s platform, you have a little gift inside your bag (make-up etc.) of a brand that have a similar way of thinking as Frichti.

So, you are happy to eat healthy food and so to keep your diet on, but you’re also happy to have a little gift inside your bag, in addition to your food. They know how to win their customer’s loyalty.

Now we can eat healty without cooking and without moving from our home/office, thank you Frichti !

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