Plant : an expanding cosmetic brand

PLANT, An organic BRAND

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An expanding cosmetic brand

Plant is an American brand and more specifically a New York brand which just arrived on the cosmetics market.

Plant is founded by two person, Holly McWhorter et Bjarne Ballisager, who have very sensitive skins. They are passionate about pure and natural beauty. They wanted to design cosmetics that were as good and durable as the big brand products everyone uses. Also, it was just as important to find cosmetics as beautiful as good, with packaging design and original

The products are inspired by natural remedies from around the world to take care of the skin. They are 100% natural and the products of the brand are certified USDA Organic. They combine aromatherapy plants in a design and original packaging to appeal to all generations and both women and men. The packaging reflects the simplicity and purity of products that do not contain parabens or other synthetic ingredients.
In addition, she is environmentally responsible, no products are tested on animals or contains animal ingredients.
Moreover, the products are made with the help of physically and mentally handicapped people in a Brooklyn workshop.

an expanding cosmetic brand

For us and in our today’s world, it is important to represent some brands which defends values and which are respectful of our ecosystem. It’s a pleasure to have this new brand in Velvet Agency and we wish that we will go far with Plant, and also that you will like it.

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