“Michel et Augustin” – An iconic brand

The Michel et Augustin brand is well known for its way of communicating. A very developed universe, a storytelling well prepare, all sprinkled with creativity, the brand knows how to talk about it.


What makes Michel and Augustin an iconic brand?

In the first place, a cake pack is rarely funny and original. And yet, one of the first way to communicate is by the packaging of their products! Full of humor, color and shift, they come out of the lot in a supermarket and reflect perfectly the spirit of the company (moreover, for the team, Michel and Augustin is not a company but rather an adventure!).

michel et augustin, cow, street marketing

Also, what made Michel and Augustin especially known are their street marketing operations. And they are very strong in this area. Activities are offered in the street, Michel and Augustin make you taste their creations disguised as cows, a giant cow is installed in the street … And all this between Paris – Lyon and New York. The small team even went as far as recruiting on the subway to get bigger. As a consequence, that gave them a good notoriety. Nevertheless, more and more brand try to do the sale.

michel et augustin, brand identity reputation, food

When Michel and Augustin juggle between offline and online

Moreover, they have managed to create an intra-community link, which is lacking in many community managers to engage. The discussions and the many exchanges within the social media, regularly ask that we get involved with his fans. It is necessary to provide content, to sometimes offer goodies, to offer quizzes and to animate all this by moderating appropriately comments. Thus, they are really well known.

Their website : http://www.micheletaugustin.com


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