Too Faced’s brand identity reputation as a cosmetic brand

How too faced managed to grow into a successful brand

What is Too Faced? 

Last time we introduced you this great brand called Morphe Brushes. Now it’s time for the great American brand Too Faced. It was founded in 1998, by Jerrod Blandino, a makeup artist and Jeremy Johnson. It a brand that has become very successful over the years and is now a very renown brand. It’s has a true brand image and knows how to differentiate themselves from other cosmetic brands.  They created themselves a universe and a way of communicating that makes people want to buy it! It is quite an expensive brand but the quality suits the price. Also, they are cruelty-free and propose vegan products. We have more and more brands that stop testing on animal and try to have vegan options. It’s a great step and a very noble way of showing the example to brands that still test on animals.


Their universe

Too Faced has a unique way of selling their products and making them. All of their products are fun, fresh, young and very colorful! They’ve got a pretty good brand identity reputation that has been created in order to sell fun and joyful product. Their products are very girly, in shaped heart, or a chocolate palette with a real chocolate smell. They also try to be funny by having funny names for their products like: “Better Than Sex Mascara” “Hangover Primer” “Chocolate Bar” “Peach My Cheeks Blush”.

Their universe is very specific and what’s more is that they have theme cosmetics like their last cosmetic range was called ” sweet peach. They’ve done a great way to promote it, all their products have a cohesion and a credibility.  Also what makes them that successful is their packaging, they have amazing packaging who makes you want to buy it right away! Every product is very pretty and well made.

Also on their website, they try to be transparent by listing the products that are vegan et that contains paraben.

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Social media 

As you all know now, influencers are a great way to promote a product and increase the brand reputation. Too Faced knows it and use it ! They often organize events to promote their new range of products and ask influencers to share it on their social media profile which captures the attention of people. They are very powerful on social media and especially on Instagram, they are currently on track to be one of the leading brands on social media for 2018. According to ShareIQ their Instagram audience has increased by 4.5 percent, resulting in over 10.2 million followers.

They work with influencers like Instagram model Alissa Ashley (676,000 followers), beauty vlogger Rose Siard (357,000 followers) and many more influencers! Also, they have an exclusive partnership with Sephora which is a huge boost for them. “Fostering strong relationships with powerful beauty influencers has proven to be a winning strategy time and again in the industry,” said Helene Heath, a senior editor at Dash Hudson about Too Facedsephora1


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