Brand Identity Reputation ; Find best crepes at an old hardware shop, in Paris !

That is true in France, it’s in Brittany that you find best crepes ever. But there’s an exception.

Indeed, in a little old hardware shop in Paris, two guys keep the magical and realize crepes with a taste that you will rarely find elsewhere.

Misleading storefront

If you are a tourist, then you can’t avoid the “marais” district, in the 4th quarter of Paris. Indeed, here you will discover a delightful Paris with a lot of pretty stores and restaurants.

But if you are in this district, you will also enter in the des rosiers street it is here that you find the best jewish food of Paris. You will find best falalels and especially, at the beginning of this street just in front of the vieille du temple street, a charming hardware shop that doesn’t sold what you think. It’s a crepe food store!


Quality and quantity

Once you have smelt this wonderful smell of cheese, mushrooms and other ingredients, you need to stop and buy one crepe (salted or sweet).

Plus, there is always a long queue because everyone want to taste those crepes that smell so good and are generous in quantity, because the cooker made them in front of us (picture below).


Charming place

As I said before, this lovely crepe food store is located in the “marais” district. Indeed,is it in the most famous jewish street “rue des rosiers”. You don’t see it automatically because it’s a bit hidden. However, you automatically stop in front of because there’s always a long queue and a very good smell.

It’s a very small shop because it was, before, an hardware shop. They have refitted it just with some chairs and a table, but they have kept this “hardware shop” spirit. Indeed, it’s that caused all the “charm” of this place.


So, if you live in Paris or plan to be there soon, don’t forget to visit this delightful crepe food store. Plus, to know, it’s not expensive at all, made in front of you, consequently totally “home-made” with fresh products!

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