The success of Big mamma group

Italy comes to Paris

Big Mamma group has created several trendy restaurant since few years in Paris where we can eat Italian food. This group holds Pink Mamma in the heart of Pigalle, Mamma Primi in the Batignolles district, Ober Mamma, East Mamma, Big Love Caffé, Popolare and the last one that has opened few days ago, Felicita.

Why are they so famous ?

They are italian restaurants with a beautiful decoration that attract people for the cosy places but also for the food that are fantastic.

All the teams in each restaurant are totally Italian. They even push the Italian’s lifestyle until you speak Italian and the card is half Italian / half French.

The expansion of these restaurants

The expansion of these restaurants and bars was very fast and is impressive because today, it is found in many areas of Paris. This shows the success of this group which nevertheless had matter to have competitors between all trattorias already existing.  This is certainly due to the trendy side of these restaurants that Parisians love.

The target

The target of these restaurants are city dwellers of any age, from 20 to 60. It is a fashion restaurant that attracts people looking for a restaurant that shows values with a good food with good products : a place that changes thanks to its theatrical Italian things and can strongly recommend thereafter.


Thanks to the success of these restaurants, the Big Mamma group has seen things even bigger. Saturday, May 26, the group opened its last address, announced as the largest restaurant in France : the Felicità, food market of 4500 m2 installed at Station F, the incubator of start-ups of Xavier Niel in the XIIIe arrondissement Parisian.

Click here to discover the adresses of all the restaurants : 




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