Brand Identity Reputation : These fast food brands that try to sensitized themselves to veganism 

These brands try to change their identity reputatioN

We are here to learn more about Brand Identity Reputation !

As we talked in our previous articles ( here and here also) about healthy fast food. Today we are talking about these good old fast food that we love to hate and hate to love ! May I introduce you : Mcdonalds, KFC and Burger king.

The rise of veganism in fast food

As you may know, we have a huge rise of veganism in our society. More and more people each day are deciding to stop consuming meat, or at least stop eating in fast food. Knowing the poor quality of their ingredients and their meat. A lot of fast food like mcdonalds, burger king, KFC, are known to propose only meat products. It’s a close deal for vegan people. Today a lot of brands are offering meat substitute in order to touch a larger panel of consumers who are vegetarian or vegan. And it works very well, every day we have brands that normally propose meat products that are now selling nonmeat products because they are responding to the consumer’s demand. What is remarkable is how fast foods are now following this « trend » or more likely to be called this new lifestyle that people are choosing. 

What are they doing exactly ?  

Recently McDonalds offered a vegetarian burger, it was a limited edition but went very successfully and it chose that even fast food like Mcdonalds can contribute to sensitized people to try to reduce their meat consumption.

Does it increase their brand reputation? Here at Velvet Agency we strongly feel that yes its an added value to the brand. Of course, a lot of people have criticized it because they are against Mcdonald’s ethic but, for some people, it’s a way of being vegetarian and still be able to eat to their former favorite fast food and to still be able to share a meal with their friends without feeling left out. Mcdonalds knows it and that’s why they are introducing burger without meat. It makes them look like they care about the environment but it mostly makes them look like they care for the people and that they are attentive to their need and what they are asking for. 

KFC a new concept

Recently KFC introduced their idea to propose « vegan » chicken. It’s an amazing progress what these brands are offering, who would have thought that these fast foods would propose nonmeat product? When the entire name of KFC is Kentucky fried chicken. Quite ironic! But still very good for the brand identity reputation, to show that they are listening to people’s demand. And want to have a better image in terms of respecting the planet and in a way animals. Of course, it’s not a 100% win people are criticizing a lot these decisions. Especially vegan people who feel like it’s hypocritical to propose vegan chicken in a restaurant that sells mostly very cheap bad quality chicken and who mistreat chicken very badly. But still, it has its positive points and like McDonald’s it allows people to eat together with their different type of diet. 

And last but not least, Burger King is also onto the vegetarian market. They are proposing in several countries vegetarian burger. 

All these fast food brands know exactly what they are doing and they are doing it well. By proposing vegetarian products, they are touching a larger panel of consumers. It makes them look like they care about the environment. But also about what people want and are sending the message «  we thought about you too don’t worry you’ll still be able to come to our fast food »

So even though people are trying to consume less meat. it won’t affect fast foods become they will always fall back on their feet. 


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