Here are our partners!

Institutional websites :

We would like to have those websites like partners because they talked about food as tutorial or just articles and on new trendy restaurants for example. Also because they talk about actuality and so they have the image we want Velvet Agency to have.

Le bonbon




Partner Websites :

Here are our partners, they are students from ISCOM Paris. We partnered with them because they are talking about different subjects than ours. It’s always good to have different topics and to show our client other specialties, in order to open the mind. : A blog about music, festivals! You’ll love it. This one is about travels, it’ll make you dream and want to leave right away to discover the world.


Directory Sites :

We haven’t made a partnership with them yet but we would love to because we are very interested in them : it’s a famous directory site, it’s well ranked and allows people to find you easily online. If you do the description right you’ll be ranked by Google.  : Also a famous directory site, who could help us to have a good visibility