Our amazing team :

Velvet Agency was founded in 2017 by five dynamic, efficient and fancy girls.We are specialised in lifestyle, food and make-up. We are here to talk to you about : Brand Identity Reputation

Young and fresh, we understand and answer your demands with all the actual tools. It’s more than a profesionnal exchange, it’s a sharing moment : a passion before a job.

We make your dreams accessible.

Us :




Hello, my name is Camille I’m twenty and the salesperson of Velvet Agency. I am an optimistic person, for me, every problem has a solution. I’m also very curious and I adapt myself to every situation. My job represents me a lot because I love traveling, meet new people and so exchange with them.


photo agence 2Estelle

H  i, I’m Estelle, I’m twenty and I am the artistic director of the team.  I’m a super dynamic and an openminded person.I am here to bringing your ideas to life. I listen to you, propose my ideas and my perceptions and, by working together, listening each other, we create amazing things and amazing campagnes. As you can think, I am a creative person who loves drawing, imagine and create thing about my ideas.



Hi ! I’m Nina I’m the digital manager at velvet agency.I’m a very curious person and I try to touch at everything in order to learn more and more everyday about the digital world.

I’m rigorous and very understanding so if you come to me with your requests, I’ll be at a 100% to help you create what you need.


Capture d’écran 2017-01-27 à 16.07.12 Nil

Hello I’m Nil, the Velvet Agency’s creative director. I am passionate and well organised, that’s both of the competences that I need to help and manage my team. My patience and persistence are the most usefull if I want the Agency to produce the best they can for our clients.


12274252_920080271416160_2259467815866457712_n Emma

My name is Emma and I’m twenty. I’m a dynamic and lively woman who likes redaction, contact with people and passionate by all the topics that related to lifestyle like fashion, beauty, food and design. I’m very interested in the medias of all kinds such as TV, magazine and newspapers or on internet. It is for these reasons that I’m specialized in PR.